Best luxury false eyelashes for a natural dramatic look. Super soft and lightweight. Everything about this collection is extra. Extra-long, Extra dramatic, Extra voluminous, Extra luxurious, Extra extreme. Available codes – BWOW043 to BWOW058

      This is collection is completely 100% cruelty free making them vegan. The collection is super unique and tailored for extreme variation in the look required. Due to the exceptional luxury layers and pleated effect, these 5D lashes will leave you in awe.

      If you love the full, voluminous look then these BWOW 5D lashes are perfect for building and create drama to bwowyourself. Best false eyelashes which can be reused up-to 15-20 times. Apply with our sensitive, hypoallergenic and latex free eyelash glue for a long lasting hold up-to 24 hours.

      Pro tip: Add some mascara to blend your false eyelashes with your own natural eyelashes.

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