Lux Clean Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat Pad
Lux Clean Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat Pad
Lux Clean Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat Pad

Lux Clean Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat Pad

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Care for your makeup brushes with our vegan and 100% cruelty free cleansing palette. This lightweight pad has unique multi surfaces to enhance and deep clean your brushes of any size. 

Made from performance graded materials and silicone, our design is ergonomic and sits comfortably over your hand. The raised surfaces and textured pad helps to clean away makeup, oils and impurities from in between the bristles. This enhances the deep cleaning and delivers your brushes back as brand new. Cleans brushes better by 98%.

Dirty makeup brushes can wreak havoc on the skin. In addition to collecting product residue, dirt and oil, makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. This could compromise your complexion — in the form of acne breakouts and rashes — as well as your health. Dirty makeup brushes can cause an infection, such as a fungal infection, E. coli, or a staph infection, which can be very serious.

To protect your skin and kill any harmful bacteria that lingers in your makeup brushes, it’s a good idea to wash your brushes every 7 to 10 days.

To clean your makeup brushes, dermatologists recommend the following tips:

  1. Rinse the tips of your brushes under lukewarm, running water to remove residual makeup. Only rinse the tip, as submerging the whole brush head will eventually dissolve the glue that connects the brush head to the handle.

  2. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and a tablespoon of either gentle shampoo or clarifying shampoo. Using plain soap and water can dry out the bristles. All natural shampoo and clarifying shampoo available on our website. 

  3. Swirl each brush tip in the bowl. For a good lather, you can also massage each brush tip in the palm of your hand.

  4. Rinse the brush tips under running water.

  5. Continue shampooing and rinsing each brush until the water runs clear from the brush.

  6. Squeeze out excess moisture with a clean, dry paper towel.

  7. Lay your brushes flat to dry on a towel with the tips hanging off the edge of the counter. Do not dry your brushes upright in a container, as this will cause the water to run down the brushes, loosening the glue that connects the brush head with the handle.

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