How does luxury make me feel? Which eyelashes will suit me? Which eyelashes should I get?


These are the common questions usually asked based on a recent survey. 56% of the surveyors explained they would prefer eyelashes which can be personally removed and applied as of when required, hence making strip lashes more practicable as no professional maintenance is required. 

This range is perfect for everyday wear and provides a more volumized effect.

Cut down to size to suit any eye shape, enhance the outter lash line or wear as a whole strip for more volume. Strip lashes are re-usable and easy to remove if you don't want to wear lashes continuously. Apply with our sensitive, hypoallergenic and latex free eyelash glue for a long lasting hold up-to 24 hours.  

Perfect for

Eyelashes for a volumized look

Eyelashes for an evening look

Eyelashes for everyday wear

Eyelashes for hooded eyes

Eyelashes for small eyes

Eyelashes for chemo patients

Eyelashes for small, hooded eyes

Eyelashes for sensitive eyes

Eyelashes for round eyes

Eyelashes for holiday



BWOW 5D Lashes are long, wispy and super luxurious. Due to the exceptional luxury layers and pleated effect, these 5D lashes will leave you in awe.